We analyzed 100+ tor markets to compile this list of best .onion markets on deep/dark web.

Apart from listing, we also mentioned essential points which you need to know before accessing these hidden markets and FAQs to answer your doubts.

I must say it is a list + tutorial on markets.

This list contains 15 tor markets with .onion links, market introduction, payment options, and security features.

If you are looking for darknet markets’ websites links, your search completes here.

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Tor Markets Comparison Table

NameMarket .Onion LinkVendor FeePayment MethodsSecurity

Torrez MarketVisit Market$500 Bitcoin, Litecoin, Monero, Zcash.(Provides both wallet and wallet-less options)2-factor authentication with TOTP, mnemonic code in five different languages.
Evil CorpVisit Market $200 Bitcoin, Litecoin, Zcash, Dash, and Bitcoin Cash.2-factor authentication along with a mnemonic code to retrieve your account.

World MarketVisit Market$650Users can pay with Bitcoin and Monero. (not wallet-less)2-factor authentication using PGP, phishing mechanism, and PIN can also be enabled.

Liberty MarketVisit Market$250 Users can pay with Bitcoin and Monero. (not wallet-less)
Supports Escrow along with 2-factor authentication and has support for mnemonic code
DarkFox MarketVisit Market$150 It only supports BTC.
It supports multi-sig escrow along with 2-factor authentication. It also supports a security pin that helps during withdrawals.
White House Market

Visit Market$1000It only supports Monero.It has a mandatory PGP requirement along with password and pin protection.

ASAP MarketVisit Market$600 It supports both Bitcoin and Monero.It offers 2-factor authentication along with PIN support for withdrawals.

Visit Market$250 refundableIt supports both Bitcoin and XMR but it emphasizes more on XMR transactions.It supports multisig transactions along with PIN support for accounts recovery.
UnderMarket 2.0Visit MarketFreeIt only supports Bitcoin.It supports multisig transactions along with 2-factor authentication.

CannahomeVisit MarketRequiredIt only supports Bitcoin.

It supports multi-sig transactions. It also has anti-phishing features which protect against scammers, along with 2-factor authentication with PGP.
Vice CityVisit MarketN/AIt only supports Bitcoin. (it is wallet-less)It supports multisig transactions along with escrow support.
TelevendVisit Market1%-4%It supports Escrow Bitcoin, Direct Bitcoin, Litecoin, Monero.In terms of security, there is a captcha but other than that there is no significant security feature.
Cocaine Market

Visit MarketVending Not allowedIt only supports Bitcoin.Doesn’t have any significant security features.

The French ConnectionVisit Market
Vending Not allowed
It only supports Bitcoin.

There is a basic registration process. Other than this there is no major security feature.

Silk Road 4Visit Market$200 Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, MoneroIt supports Escrow and 2-factor authentication.

What do you need to know before accessing tor markets?

Having your identity concealed on the darknet/tor network is important since, knowingly or unknowingly, you can commit crimes that are punishable. To access tor markets, you must mask your online presence in some way. You can protect your identity by following these steps:

  • First, you need to download NORDVPN. The company has one of the first “No Logs” policies in the industry. Comparatively, this VPN offers the best security, and it is also a highly reliable VPN. Best part is that it offers “Onion Over VPN” servers.
  • After that, you will need the TOR browser. This is one of the most secure browsers available. (The use of this browser without a VPN puts your identity at risk.)
  • Then, in the TOR browser settings, select the security option and set it to “Safest”.
  • Close all applications running on your computer.
  • Connect NORDVPN to your preferred server and launch the TOR browser now
  • You can now access darknet marketplaces by clicking on the links below.


Accessing/selling/buying anything from the black market is totally an illegal. We do not encourage anyone to access these tor market websites nor do we hold responsible for any illegal act done by any individual. This is an informative article to let people get an insight into dark web marketplaces and how they overall operate.

Top 15 Best Tor Markets Links for 2021

1. Torrez Market

Torrez Market is a popular darknet market that offers many desirable and unique features to its users. This deep web market offers almost 45000 products.

To explore all the products of this deep web marketplace, you first need to register. There are a lot of products on the site, and they are categorized into different categories like drugs, counterfeits, services, fraud, and tutorials. You can find drugs like MDMA, cocaine, weed, LSD, meth, heroin on this marketplace.

To begin selling here, you will have to pay a vendor fee for a vendor account. As soon as you establish yourself as a genuine seller, this fee will be removed.

Payment Options

The payment system supports cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Monero, and Zcash.

Payments can be made using either wallet-less or centralized wallets. Wallet-less payments are considered very secure in this area. Due to the dual wallet mode, this marketplace is even more convenient.


Torrez Market offers users two-factor authentication along with TOTP (temporary OTP) features using Google Authenticator, KeePassXC, and other security tools. There are 167183 registered users and 1189 verified vendors (This is an approx number because every day the number of users and vendors is increasing).

Furthermore, it is the first darknet marketplace that offers mnemonic codes in five different languages. If you are new to dark web marketplaces, then you can certainly rely on this one, since it has legitimate vendors whom you can trust, and it also seems secure.

Torrez Market Link


2. Evil Corp Market

Evil Corp Market offers more than 800 products. The best thing about Evil Crop Market is that visitors can browse products without registering. The only time a user needs to register is for the purpose of buying or selling. The multi-signature escrow minimizes the possibility of scams on this website.

You won’t find child pornography, hitman services, weapons, or Russian sensitive information on this marketplace. Other than this, you can buy almost anything from this deep web marketplace, such as drugs, counterfeit items, malware, software keys, and guides.

Payment Options

When compared to other deep web marketplaces, Evil Corp offers the most payment options. You can purchase products with Bitcoin, Litecoin, Monero, Zcash, Dash, and even Bitcoin Cash. A vendor account costs around $200, and every sale will incur a 5% commission. This commission is paid by both the vendor and the buyer.


After registration, Evil Crop Market offers a mnemonic code so that users can retrieve their accounts at any time. It also offers two-factor authentication using PGP. In fact, it has a security pin that makes it safe for both buyers and sellers.

Seeing Evil Corp Marketplace, we see that no security features are missing from this security measure.

Evil Corp Market Link


3. World Market

Among all the Tor markets, the World Market offers the most products. In this marketplace, you can find drugs such as MDMA, cocaine, weed, speed, meth, and heroin as well as digital goods, various types of services, credit card data, ID scans, counterfeit items, and items relating to fraud.

The filter-rich search panel makes it easy to find any product on this Marketplace. The second most impressive feature of this deep web marketplace is its automated instant dispatch shop. We rarely see this feature on other deep web marketplaces.

There are two auto shops, one for cards and one for accounts. In this marketplace, you won’t find illegal pornography, hitmen for hire, or prostitution-related services.

Payment Options

You can pay with Bitcoin and Monero. As this is not a wallet-less system, all deposits go into your market wallet before being used for purchases. The fee for a Bitcoin withdrawal is 0.0003 BTC, and the fee for an XMR withdrawal is 0.01XMR.


Using PGP, this marketplace offers 2-factor authentication to keep the user’s accounts secure. Pins can also be enabled. A pin is required to withdraw funds from an account. A phishing mechanism makes this marketplace a very safe place to shop and helps buyers to avoid any kind of scam.

Logging in to this marketplace allows you to set an automatic log-out time, which will log you out once the scheduled period has passed. Additionally, it indicates whether a vendor is authentic or not based on its trust level.

World Market Link:


4. Liberty Market

The Liberty Market was launched between December 2020 and January 2021. This deep web marketplace offers more than 6500 products. Liberty Market has a simple interface, which can be very appealing to new users.

In this darknet marketplace, you can find products such as drugs, counterfeit products, digital products, and services related to fraud. This marketplace does not sell illegal porn, transfers, fentanyl, or personal information.

Users must register in order to access this deep web marketplace. At the time of writing this article, there were 555 verified vendors on this marketplace.

Payment Options

You can make payments using Bitcoin and Monero. Due to the fact that it is not a wallet-less system, there needs to be a deposit made to the account wallet. The vendor account costs $250. You can pay in BTC or XMR. You must have at least 0.0005 BTC in order to purchase anything.


The Deep Web marketplace uses Escrow along with two-factor authentication and mnemonic code to ensure your account’s security.

Vendor profiles in this marketplace are transparent and the interface is traditional and straightforward.

Liberty Market Link


5. DarkFox Market

DarkFox Market is a relatively new deep web market. There are over 8000 products, including drugs, fake documents, counterfeit products and services, malware, digital goods, and software.

You can only access this marketplace by registering first. If you don’t register, you cannot access it. This marketplace does not sell weapons, organs, hitman services, or child pornography. Additionally, there is an auto-shop that sells cards.

Payment options

DarkFox Market only supports BTC, which is disappointing for many. Since it isn’t a wallet-less market, deposits must go into a market wallet. There is a 0.00005 BTC minimum deposit.

The vendor fees on this marketplace are around $150. Vendors must pay 5% on escrow transactions, and 4% on multi-signature transactions. There is a 1% withdrawal fee.


DarkFox Market provides 2-factor authentication along with a security pin that can be used for withdrawals. Additionally, it supports multisig escrow, which is considered to be a very secure method of transaction.

DarkFox Market Link:


6. White House Market

This deep web marketplace is a good place to find software and services. It is the oldest Darknet market on the dark web. All sellers in this marketplace are verified and trusted. It has around 46000 products and over 3200 verified vendors.

It is the second most product-rich deep web marketplace you will ever find. This marketplace sells drugs, software counterfeit products, and services. They also sell online business and defense/counterintelligence information.

They are safe and scam-free. This is why White House Market has gotten almost 6 million registrations over the years. Vendors are transparent, and before you buy anything from them, you can check how many products they’ve sold in the past. Knowing this can help you avoid fraudulent vendors.

Also, this marketplace supports a wallet-less payment method, which means you don’t have to make any deposits in advance. You can pay directly from your external wallet.

Recently, they announced that they are retiring. If you try to sign up for this market, you will see a message saying “We are retiring.”

Payment Options

Due to its good reputation and vendor transparency, its vendor fee is so high, around $1000. This makes it harder for scammers to register on this marketplace. Once you become an established vendor, you will no longer be required to pay this fee. This deep web marketplace does not currently accept bitcoin, so you can only pay with Monero at this time.


The White House Market is a bit too secure and has a mandatory PGP requirement that is extremely aggressive. Unfortunately, this marketplace lacks password and pin protection. With the exception of this, you can expect high levels of security from this Darknet marketplace.

White House Market Link


7. ASAP Market

If you want to browse a darknet marketplace without creating an account, ASAP Market may be a good option. It is a relatively new marketplace. This is the only deep web marketplace that uses “Fake Review Detector”, “Scam Hunter”, and “DeadDrops”.

Using the Fake Review Detector, this marketplace ensures that fake reviews are not used to increase sales. Scam Hunter detects scammers.

This marketplace’s policies and products can be browsed without creating an account. Registration is the only requirement for making a purchase. DeadDrops is an extremely useful feature. Buyers and sellers can use market backer dashboards that include advanced features such as camera detection, a map, and aliases for usernames.

In this tor market, you’ll find more than 13000 products, including weed, steroids, ecstasy, opioids, and digital goods. All things except child pornography, weapons, human-made viruses, and animals injected with some kind of virus.

Payment options

There will be around $600 vendor fees. The seller must also pay a commission of 5% on every sale. As this is not a wallet-less marketplace, you will have to make a deposit first. Both Bitcoin and Monero are accepted. In order to deposit, you need at least 0.0005 BTC or 0.06 XMR.


ASAP Market is highly secure. This marketplace requires two-factor authentication and a PIN for withdrawals. In contrast to the other tor markets on this list, there is no login phrase. The darknet marketplace seems to be a safe place to shop, especially if you’re a deep web surfer.

 ASAP Market Link


8. Cannazon

This market sells only cannabis. This means no other drugs are allowed to be sold on this deep web market except mushrooms. All vendors must be based in Europe. If you are looking to buy some marijuana, this is the best deep web marketplace.

There is a large collection of weeds here. Since this marketplace has been selling weed for a long time, all the vendors are reliable. To browse this onion market’s products, you don’t need to register. Vendors are transparent here.

Payment options

The marketplace accepts both Bitcoin and XMR. However, it focuses more on XMR transactions. Since this marketplace is not wallet-less, a deposit is required to purchase anything. You will have to pay a vendor fee to sell on this market, which will be refunded when you close your account.


Using PGP, you can secure your account from outside threats. It supports multisig transactions, which are considered to be extremely secure. Additionally, PINs exist, but only for regaining access to your account, not to make transactions.

Cannazon Link


9. UnderMarket 2.0

Comparatively to the others on this list, this is a very small market. There are two things that are clear from the homepage of this marketplace: First, you must make a deposit, and second, you don’t need to register in order to browse through all the products.

This market’s interface is very cluttered, and you don’t even have to register to purchase products. Additionally, the marketplace is wallet-free, so you don’t need to make a deposit. This marketplace also has telegram support which is very rare. Here you can also see the number of sales made by each vendor.

Drugs, counterfeits, digital goods, documents, and a variety of other products can be found on the dark web. The number of products is also limited. This marketplace has a unique feature that shows you how long it will take to prepare and deliver your product. Vendor accounts do not require a deposit.

Payment options

This onion market only accepts Bitcoin as a form of payment. Due to the limited payment options, many people avoid it.


You can use multisig transactions on the marketplace to pay for a product securely without revealing your identity. Escrow and two-factor authentication are also available. Vendor transparency is also good.

UnderMarket 2.0 Link


10. Cannahome

As its name suggests, this marketplace only sells cannabis and psilocybin mushrooms. It is similar to Cannazon. If you live in the US and would like to buy some marijuana, then this deep web marketplace can be the perfect option for you.

Before exploring all the products in this marketplace, users need to register themselves. The layout of this marketplace is pretty straightforward, and you shouldn’t have any difficulty using it. It is the most popular deep web market for buying marijuana.

Payment options

You can pay via Bitcoin. To make a transaction you need to have a minimum of 0.4128665 BTC.


Multi-signature transactions and anti-phishing security features make this deep web marketplace safe from spam and safe for buyers to make payments. PGP is also used for two-factor authentication. To access this marketplace, you must have both your password and PGP key.

Cannahome Link:


11. Vice City

Vice City is the most secure and functional deep web marketplace on this list. Before you can explore the marketplace, you must solve a captcha to protect against DDoS attacks. After you’ve successfully logged in, you can easily browse the products organized into different categories on the left-hand side of the screen.

To make sure that users are having a positive experience, this marketplace asks for feedback from users. The site offers over 1200 products, including weed, ecstasy, steroids, fraud, services, and digital.

Payment options

You can pay on this marketplace using Bitcoin. Vice City is also wallet-less so users don’t have to make a deposit before purchasing any product.


In terms of security, this is one of the safest marketplaces on the entire dark web. It offers multi-signature transactions. It also has escrow support which makes this darknet market safer compared to other tor markets.

Vice City Link


12. Televend

The Televend has almost 200,000 users as well as thousands of registered vendors. You do not need to register to browse the marketplace, but you do have to solve a puzzle to gain access.

This tor market sells weed, tobacco, steroids, digital, clothes, shoes, and other items. Also, it offers an advanced search filter that allows you to find items very quickly.

In the Televend market, you will automatically get notified whenever inventory status changes. This darknet marketplace also has a customer feedback option that helps users judge the quality of a vendor.

Payment Options

It is an exclusive feature of this marketplace that it creates an invoice once an order is placed and payments are sent directly to the vendor’s wallets. It is the main difference between this deep web marketplace and others. There is no Escrow support in this marketplace, which results in many scams involving vendors.


Security-wise, there is a captcha to prevent DDoS attacks, but other than this, there is no other information available on the web about the security features of this dark web marketplace.

Televend Link


13. Cocaine Market

It is a very small dark web market. As the name suggests, you will only find cocaine in this market, and there are almost 15 different types of cocaine available.

You can buy different quantities of each type of cocaine here (from 1gram to 1 kilogram). Since ordering is a manual process, once Bitcoin is deposited in the wallet, a contact form is available for further communication. The shipping fee is also $30.

Payment options

You can pay on this onion market using Escrow Bitcoin, Direct Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Monero.

It is an exclusive feature of this marketplace that it creates an invoice once an order is placed and payments are sent directly to the vendor’s wallets. This is what makes it different from other deep web marketplaces..


In terms of security, users first need to solve a captcha to log in to the marketplace. This deep web marketplace lacks any kind of 2-factor authentication or mnemonic support. The lack of security features can be a problem for those who want a secure Tor market.

Cocaine Market Link


14. The French Connection

The website is run by Mr. Nice Guy and Nucleus. It is exclusively a marketplace for drugs like cocaine, heroin, meth, and other drugs like these. There are more than 40 products that you can browse without registering, but eventually, you will need to register at the point of purchase. There will be no shipping to the USA, otherwise, you can order from anywhere else. It’s sad news for those of you living in the USA.

Payment options

This onion market accepts only Bitcoin as a mode of payment. As this marketplace does not allow people to sell through it, there is no vending option.


In this darknet marketplace, there is no two-factor authentication. Users will only need to register if they wish to make a purchase. Otherwise, the security of this website is not great, but you can use PGP for communication if you wish.

French Connection Link


15. Silk Road 4

The Silk Road 4 is also quite feature-rich, despite not being related to the original Silk Road market. It has over 40000 products. In order to browse products, users must register since they cannot browse products without registering. It also allows users to place stealth orders and buy automatically dispatched products.

Payment options

You can use Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Monero for payments. The regular vendor fee is $200. Autoshop-only vendors can be obtained for $50.


For security, Escrow and two-factor authentication are supported.

Silk Road 4.0 Link



These were the top 15 best Tor markets.

While I have manually checked the product count, vendor fee, payment options, and security features of these dark web marketplaces, they are still subject to change as the number of each parameter changes every minute.

Even though I tried to include all darknet markets with the least amount of negative reviews, I cannot ensure that each marketplace is original.


#1. What can I do on the dark web?

If you live in a country where freedom of speech is always stressed upon, then using the dark web you can communicate with others and present your own opinions. Other than this, some people use the dark web to buy illegal items that are prohibited in their country. Some cyber security students also study the dark web to learn about its security features and how they are implemented.

#2. Is it illegal to access dark web markets?

However, it is important to keep in mind that it is an illegal act to buy or sell illegal/prohibited products on dark web markets. It is a criminal offense in some countries to buy weapons, drugs, or child pornography.

The Dark Web is sometimes used by whistleblowers or by individuals who prefer privacy and don’t want to leave a digital footprint. TOR is also used by terrorists, hackers, pedophiles, and drug traffickers, so unless you plan to buy or sell illegal items, you can browse the above-mentioned TOR markets.

#3. Is it Illegal to Buy or Sell Something on the Dark Web?

Depending on what you are buying, the answer to this question will vary. Everything that you buy or sell on the deep web isn’t legal. You may think that purchasing a software product from the deep web seems harmless and purchasing the software at a cheaper price isn’t harming anyone right?

You have to think about the way in which this particular software product is obtained because 99% of the time, products that don’t seem to be harmful are obtained in an illegal way. So that’s why it is illegal to buy or sell something on the dark web in many countries.

#4. What is a Wallet-less Market?

In this article, you have probably heard the term “Wallet-less Market” several times. Usually, in a deep web market, you have to put money into a centralized wallet before you can purchase something, but there’s a risk involved.

If the market is seized, your money could be lost. If there are no wallets, no money will be lost. In this case, you have to pay for each product at the time of checkout, and the money paid by you will be sent directly to the market escrow or seller. This ensures that a market won’t run off with its customers’ money.

#5. What is an AutoShop?

An “Autoshop” refers to an automated shop on a deep web market that sells account information or credit card information. This feature is unique in the sense that you will receive your product immediately after purchase. You do not have to wait for the vendor to accept your order or in some cases ship it. Because of its convenience, it gets a lot of attention from users.

#6. What is the Vendor Trust Level?

In order to determine whether a vendor is genuine, a vendor trust level is typically calculated. The vendor trust level typically shows information like the total number of sales made by the vendor, number of orders, and other parameters. A higher number indicates that a vendor is trustworthy.

#7. What is a Multi-Signature Transaction?

“Multi-sig Transaction” is considered to be the safest form of payment because it requires three authorizations. One from the buyer, one from the seller, and another one from the market where you are buying your product. It basically offers a guarantee that neither of these three parties is scamming each other and they are authentic.